Why You Don't Want to Delay Transmission Maintenance

Much like we head to the doctor's office every once in awhile for a checkup, our car also requires regular checkups to ensure it is as healthy as can be.This is especially true for your vehicle's transmission. Getting regular inspections and routine maintenance helps protect your transmission from more complex problems and repair jobs down the road. While in general it's advised to have your transmission maintenanced every 20,000 miles or so, you can always check out the owner's manual that came along with your car -- this will be able to tell you exactly what mile point is ideal for your routine transmission maintenance.

Avoid Further Complications

One of the most important reasons for staying on top of your transmissions regular maintenance is making sure you catch any issues before they become bigger issues. When you bring your car into a team of experienced and knowledgeable auto technicians they are able to thoroughly inspect your transmission and catch any small complications that need attention. This will allow them to draw your attention to it and provide you with an estimation for repair. When you catch a problem early on it helps you avoid future complications that might escalate.

When Should I Bring My Car In?

Staying on top of your transmission maintenance is the first step in keeping your transmission in its best health. But how do you know when the best time is to bring your car in for maintenance? While it is often suggested that you bring your car in every 20,000 miles or so for inspection. But paying attention to any new or odd warning signs might cause you to bring you car in service early. One of the biggest warning signs that you might need transmission maintenance is if you start to hear loud knocking sounds coming from the engine. In addition if you begin to smell smoke or a burning scent coming from the front it could be an indication that the transmission fluid has begun to burn and is no longer effective.

While we all know that regular maintenance helps ensure our vehicle stays in top shape, we might not always think of the importance of transmission maintenance. Finding an auto repair shop who specializes in transmission repair is the first step in making sure the car keeps working the right way. If you are looking for transmission maintenance in Dallas give us a call at FixEuro Transmission at (972) 362-1741 right away! We specialize in all makes and models of European cars and are ready to help ensure your car continues to run as smoothly as it did when you first got it.

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Written By Brian Corey

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