6 Simple Measures to Take to Boost Your MPGs

Even if gas prices have recently fallen, you still want to keep every last penny in your pocket that you can while filling up your tank. To optimize your fuel-efficiency, there are several different measures that you can take. Some of these tasks are easy enough to take care of yourself, while others can be affordably addressed with a quick trip to the shop. Here's a look at six easy ways to increase gas mileage.

Correct Fuel Grade

For vehicles that call for mid-grade or above, it's prudent to stick to that guideline. While it might be tempting to save a little loot on a lower grade, this could decrease fuel-efficiency and even have a detrimental impact on your engine.

Correct Motor Oil

Certain automobile engines are designed to work optimally with certain types of oil. So, it's best to stick with whatever oil is recommended for your engine. By using a heavier-weighted oil, it's possible that friction could be generated, which could consequently make your engine work harder, thus reducing gas mileage.

Proper Tire Inflation

Soft rubber needs much more power to be able to roll forward. Because of this, under-inflated tires can reduce your MPGs by some 25%.

Replace Spark Plugs

Outdated, gunked-up spark plugs can cause misfiring, which can in turn result in significant fuel waste as the miles add up.

New Air Filter

This is just the sort of maintenance task that can be done at the shop in little time and for little cost. A new air filter will help to ensure that the proper amount of air can reach your combustion chamber, which is important so that your engine doesn't try to compensate for the lack of air by burning more fuel.

Tight Gas Cap

A loose or missing gas cap can actually result in fuel evaporating before you even get the chance to put it to use.

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ